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Submitted by abhaya on Mon, 05/25/2020 - 12:54
Narendra Modi

US has been leading the Confirmed Cases as well as the number of Deaths..  Europe had been hit worst in the first phase but is now breathing some life.. Quite a few countries are showing a growth curve in the numbers of cases and deaths related to COVID-19.. 

Disclaimer : The data provided is not necessarily updated everyday and only reflects my interest in the statistics related to  COVID-19 for a few countries..

There have been rapid increase in the covid-19 cases in the Indian subcontinent .. India (#2), Bangladesh (#15) and Pakistan (#19) have all appeared in the top 20 countries affected.. unfortunately, the cases and deaths in the region are still on the rise..

Ministry of Health & Family Welfare Worldometer

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CNN International

  • 7,078,798

  • 204,597

Virus Map Washington Post

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Aaj Tak

  • 5,922,532

  • 94,500

Corona Tracker Indian States

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Brazilian Report

  • 4,718,115

  • 141,441

Corona Blog Brazilian Report 

215 Countries have registered Confirmed Cases for SARS-CoV-2 infections worldwide : A Statistical Presentation - Number of Countries with defined range of Confirmed cases and Number of Countries which have reported more than 10000 deaths :

> 500,000 : 11

> 250,000  : 22

> 100,000 : 38

> 10,000 Deaths : 17