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Ir-192 is main component of radiography cameras employed in Non-destructive testing. BRIT supplies ROLI-1 S.S., ROLI-2 and ROLI-3 cameras based on Ir-192. BRIT also undertakes replenishment of source in these and other imported radiography devices in the country.


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Technetium-99m obtained from generators using Molybdenum-99 is one of the main workhorse of nuclear medicine. BRIT supplies COLTECH and Geltech Generators besides the solvent extraction based elution of Technetium-99m from Molybdenum-99. BRIT also supplies several cold kits for preparation of a wide range of Tc-99m based radiopharmaceuticals.


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Fluorine-18 is a versatile positron emitter produced in a cyclotron. FDG or Fluoro-2-deoxyglucose is one of the prime PET radiopharmaceutical. BRIT also supplies many other F-18 labelled radiopharmaceuticals which find applications in oncology, neurology and cardiology.